Your beautiful quilt deserves a batting that will enhance it -- here's how to choose. Plus, hear an interview with Lindsey Neill of Pen + Paper Patterns.

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Choose the Best Batting for Your Project

Doris Brunnette, the editor of Quilt Sampler, shares basics on how batting is made and the different characteristics to look for when choosing a batting. She shares the different between bonded and needle-punched batting, as well as examining color of batting and size of batting. Then she gives three top things to ask yourself before buying a batting for your project:

1. Quilting method

2. Intended use of the quilt

3. Desired appearance.

UFO Challenge with Doris

Doris answers the question: "When does a UFO become a UFO?" There are a lot of schools of thought out there -- from when you buy the project to cutting into it to setting it aside for a certain period of time. Doris shares her opinion on the topic.

Collector's Corner with Jody

Jody Sanders, editor of American Patchwork & Quilting, shares the history of Log Cabin quilts. She examines why the center square of a Log Cabin block is often red, why so many antique Log Cabin quilts are made without batting and tied instead of hand quilted, and talks about the different settings of Log Cabin blocks and how you can get creative with your own designs.

Reader Tips with Lindsay

In this segment, Lindsay Mayland share your best advice to common quilting struggles. In this episode, we explore a few options for storing sharp objects like scissors, seam rippers, and rotary cutters.

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Getting Sewcial with Jess

On today's show, Jess Zeigler of Threaded Quilting Studio chats with Lindsey Neill of Pen + Paper Patterns. Lindsey shares the story of why she decided to take four months away from sewing. After releasing four patterns in four months and preparing her home to sell, she felt burned out and lost some of the joy of quilting. Lindsey shares her experience with stopping sewing and slowing down her life (it wasn't always easy). She gives tips on how she keeps the balance now that she's back to sewing -- for anyone who's felt like they needed to set better boundaries for their quilting life or find their love of sewing again, you'll feel refreshed by this conversation. If you're looking for a project that takes the unneccessary pressure of making ALL the projects, check out Lindsey's Slow Your Roll Sew Along using the Won't You Be My Neighbor quilt pattern.

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