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Making Yo-Yos

Make an entire quilt of yo-yos or add just a few to your project for a touch of texture.
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Whipped Woven Circle

Learn to make a whipped woven circle for your embroidery projects.
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Machine Minute: Button Hole Basics

These tips will help you get perfect button holes with your sewing machine.
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How to Make a Felted Ball

Felted balls are so fun to make! Use them as embellishments on projects, string them together for a garland, or use them as jewelry.
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Blowing in the Wind

Long straight stitches dotted with French knots radiate from the center of this graceful dandelion pouf. Wispy fly-stitch florets create a sense of movement.
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Peaceful Forest

No fancy stitching required for this forest of felt trees. Just blanket-stitch the edges of each piece to a patterned fabric background.
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More Embellishing

Embroidery Hoop Art

Itching to get stitching? Embroider these fresh designs and admire your handmade works in a hangable hoop.
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Round the Clock

Don't let time slip by without whipping up a clock sampler. Each number outline is embellished with a different motif, and a plastic embroidery hoop adds to the colorful display. 
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Free Cross-Stitch Patterns for Every Month

Looking for a simple cross-stitch pattern? These free designs make great decor for all seasons. Make a bunch to swap out in your home, or stitch them as gifts for friends and family during the holidays.