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How to Add Facing to Your Quilt

Add a modern look to your quilt with facing to finish your quilt instead of binding! As a bonus, this technique also adds triangles in the corners that can be used for hanging!
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Making Quilt Labels

Follow these tips for labeling your quilt, then choose from two block ideas to make your own quilt label.
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How to Finish a T-Shirt Quilt

Joanna Burgarino shares tips for finishing a t-shirt quilt.
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Tips for Better Backing

We're sharing our favorite tips for better backing, including ideas for piecing your backing and seaming backing pieces with a serger!
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How to Add a Hanging Sleeve As You Go

A hanging sleeve makes displaying a wall quilt easy. This method allows you to add a sturdy sleeve as you bind the quilt. The instructions are written for a 4"-wide finished sleeve.
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How to Personalize a Quilt in a Hurry

Want to personalize a gift quilt but running low on time? Here are some ideas tailored to the amount of time you have to finish the gift.
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More Finishing

Add a Quilt Label Quickly by Machine

Jody shows you a quick and easy method to sew a quilt label on when you sew on your binding.
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How to Make a Hanging Sleeve

Prepare your quilt for hanging by adding a sleeve to the back.
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How to Join Two Pieces of Batting

If your batting pieces are too small for your project, you can join two of them to achieve the necessary size.