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Fun Ideas for Hanging Quilts

Our staff members share some creative ideas for hanging their quilts for display.
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How to Add a Mitered Border to a Quilt

Mitering a border allows your design to continue around your quilt. The technique requires a little bit more fabric but can really finish your project! Beth shows you how to figure your needed border length and how to add the border to your quilt top.
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How to Bind a Quilt by Machine

Binding your project entirely by machine is a great time-saver! Beth shows you how to use the Quilt Binding Foot to make it super easy.
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Fast Quilt Finishing Ideas

Crunched for time and need to finish a quilt fast? These ideas will help save some time on the finishing steps, so you can get the quilt done and out the door!
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Conquer Your Unfinished Objects for Good

Have a pile of UFOs (unfinished objects)? Here's our guide to finishing them once-and-for-all!
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More Finishing

Save Fabric with This Magic Way to Make Bias Binding

If you have curved or scalloped edges to bind, you'll need bias binding to stretch around the shape. Making bias binding takes the most yardage, but Lindsay shows you how to make a continuous strip from a square of fabric.
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Tips for Free-Motion Quilting on a Domestic Sewing Machine

Joanna shares her top tips for free-motion quilting on a domestic sewing machine. She discusses setting up your machine, helpful tools, and designs to try!
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What to Do When You Inherit an Unfinished Quilt

It’s not uncommon to come across pieced quilt tops or orphan blocks in antique or thrift shops, yard sales, or estate sales. You may even have unfinished quilts passed down from family and friends. Here are some options for finishing these projects into something that will be cherished!