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2021 UFO Challenge
Each year, we challenge ourselves and our readers to finish some UFOs (unfinished objects)! Follow our directions for a productive year of quilting!
3 Reasons to Use Hand-Quilting Thread for Binding
If you’re looking for a magic trick to make binding easier, try hand-quilting thread!
Frame a Quilt with Wide Binding
Adding a wide binding to your project is a great way to frame your quilt and give it a different look! You can download written instructions here.
Fun Ideas for Hanging Quilts
Our staff members share some creative ways they display quilts in their homes.
How to Add a Mitered Border to a Quilt
Mitering a border allows your design to continue around your quilt. The technique requires a little bit more fabric but can really finish your project! Beth shows you how to figure your needed border length and how to add the border to your quilt top.
How to Bind a Quilt by Machine
Binding your project by machine is a great time-saver. Beth shows you how to use a quilt binding foot to make the process even easier!

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Fast Quilt Finishing Ideas
Are you crunched for time and need to finish a quilt fast? Here are some ideas to save you time on the finishing steps!

4 Tips for Binding

Welcome to another video in our Quiltmas series brought to you by Northcott! Each week, we'll be sharing quilting tips or fun holiday projects. In this video, Beth shares 4 tips for binding your quilt.