Quilting basics

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Tips for Using Vintage Fabrics in Quilts

Designer Ann Hermes shares her tips and tricks for using vintage fabrics.

Sewing Machine Maintenance Tracker

Set up a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule for your machine. Download a tracker for your machine cleaning at this link.

The Benefits of Handwork

Give yourself a health break—pick up some stitching and reap the mindfulness benefits of simply slowing down.

How to Host a Virtual Quilt Retreat

Connect with quilting friends both near and far from the comfort (and safety) of your home by hosting a virtual quilt retreat.

Tips for Working with Homespuns

Because homespun fabrics have a looser weave than traditional quilting cottons, extra care is needed when sewing with them. Here are some things to know when using these beautiful fabrics in your projects.

Tips for Sewing Through Thick Fabrics

Are you sewing with denim, upholstery fabric, or canvas? Beth shares tips for dealing with those bulky seams.

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10 Tips for Choosing Fabrics

When we ask quilters what they struggle with most, choosing fabric is always toward the top of the list. Here are 10 great tips to help you find the color palettes and combinations that work best for you.

How to Display Quilts Outdoors

When the weather is nice, showcase your creations outside for others to enjoy. We give tips for displaying a quilt on your porch, a hammock, and a patio table.