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How to Repurpose Orphan Blocks in Other Projects

Many quilters make test blocks to try their fabric choices or instructions before they dive into making a quilt. But what do you do with these leftover blocks when they don't make the final project? Our Facebook fans have some great suggestions!
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The Best Sewing Advice Our Readers Have Received

Sometimes a simple tip has a big impact on your sewing life. We asked our Facebook fans what lesson has stuck with them, and here are their answers!
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How to Keep Your Quilt Backing Flat and Smooth

We know it can be a struggle to keep your backing completely smooth while basting it before quilting. We asked our Facebook readers their best tips for getting a flat backing. Here's what they said!
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Prevent Back and Neck Pain While Sewing

Quilting is a physical hobby. We asked our Facebook readers how they prevent pain during a long day of quilting. Here are their responses!
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Complete List of Common Quilting Terms

Learn basic quilting terms and search for unknown sewing words with our complete quilting glossary! If we have more information on a term or how-to instructions on a technique, there will be a link within the description, so you can read more or watch a video about the topic.
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More Quilting basics

How to Buy an Antique Quilt

There are a lot of factors to consider before you buy an antique quilt. These top tips will help you add beautiful treasures to your quilt collection.
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What to Do with Quilt Projects You Don't Want to Finish

We've all been there -- you start a project and then years later, you're struggling to finish it. Whatever your reason for letting it go neglected, it can lead to a sense of guilt and can you make you unclear of how to move on with the project. Here are some ideas for deciding what to do with the projects that you aren't certain are worth your time to finish.
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How to Use a Seam Ripper

Here's a fact: If you sew, you will "unsew." Simply put, sometimes it is necessary to remove a line of stitching. What you need to unsew is a sharp, good quality seam ripper. It is a must-have tool in your sewing kit!