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How to Clean and Care for Your Sewing Tools
Our sewing tools work hard for us so deserve a little TLC. Here's how to clean and care for some common accessories in your sewing space.
Use These Tools to Skip Marking Diagonal Lines
These products allow you to correctly line up and sew a straight diagonal line on your machine without needing to first mark the pieces, saving you time when making triangle-squares and Flying Geese units. 
Tips for Using Solid Fabrics in Quilts
Keep these considerations in mind when composing a project in solid fabrics.
Quilt Layouts for Common Block Sizes
See various quilt layouts (from table topper to king-size bed quilt) for common block sizes. Use the charts to turn a favorite block into a quilt that fits your space.
Must-Have Tools for Ironing Fabric and Pressing Quilt Blocks
Press your best with editor-selected products that contribute to wrinkle-free fabric and flat seams. 
Free Printable Quilt Project Planner
Set yourself up to finish quilts in the new year by printing the planner below and using it to list all your works in progress.

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How Often Should You Replace Hand-Sewing Needles?
We all know that a sewing machine needle should be changed after every eight hours of sewing, but we don’t often hear a standard for hand-sewing needles. That's because the answer is a little more nuanced. Read more below.
How Long Does Thread Last?
Sewing thread does expire eventually. Read more below to discover all the factors at play. Then take the simple test to see if your thread is still good!
Tips for Tackling a Tedious Sewing Task

We all have dreaded steps in the quilting process that we put off, tasks that hang over our heads and make us feel drained just thinking about them. There’s a large body of research that suggests we’ll be happier, less stressed, and more creative if we buckle down and complete those tasks so in this video, staff members share what they’re going to do about those incomplete pieces of the process.