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What to Watch or Listen to While Sewing

Many quilters like to watch or listen to something while they sew. We asked our social media audience for their favorites, so check out this list of quilter-approved picks.
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How to Clean Your Sewing Work Space

By asking yourself these five easy questions, you are already on your way to creating a more functional and stress-free work space, so you can focus on your next creative project!
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Tips for Stitch-and-Flip Blocks

The stitch-and-flip technique is a common sewing practice, though accuracy can be tricky. Here are two tips for getting units that turn out the right size every time.
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Fast Quilt Finishing Ideas

Crunched for time and need to finish a quilt fast? These ideas will help save some time on the finishing steps, so you can get the quilt done and out the door!
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Organize Your Sewing Space in 60 Minutes or Less

Breaking down organization tasks into manageable periods of time is an easy way to stay on top of clutter. Just a few minutes spent tidying up your sewing space can free up more time in the future for what you really love…quilting!
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Conquer Your Unfinished Objects for Good

Have a pile of UFOs (unfinished objects)? Here's our guide to finishing them once-and-for-all!
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Quilt Project Tracker

The printable project tracker will help you keep your current projects and UFOs (unfinished objects) organized.