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Reader Tips: 5 Helpful Cutting Hacks
Lindsay shares five great tips from our readers. These tips make cutting fabric and thread easier and more effective.
How to Clean and Care for Your Sewing Tools
Our sewing tools work hard for us, so they deserve a little TLC. Here's how to clean and care for some common accessories in your sewing space.
How to Organize Fabric Scraps
Storing scraps, even small ones, can be a big problem if you don't have a method to organize them. Lindsay walks you through a quiz, below, meant to reveal your ideal scrap-saving philosophy. She then offers organization methods that coordinate with the different approaches to scraps.
Use These Tools to Skip Marking Diagonal Lines
These products allow you to correctly line up and sew a straight diagonal line on your machine without needing to first mark the pieces, saving you time when making triangle-squares and Flying Geese units. 
Trim Multiple Quilt Block Units At Once
Spend less time trimming and cutting Flying Geese units, triangle-squares, and stitch-and-flip units with this easy tip.
Quickly Cut Multiples of the Same Fabric Piece
Some quilt patterns call for hundreds or even thousands of the same size fabric piece. Here are some ideas for cutting those pieces quickly and efficiently, which should let you get started sewing sooner!

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Make a Display: Simple Machine-Quilting Ideas for Mini Quilts
Many makers choose to quilt their mini quilts on their domestic sewing machines. Consider easy straight and serpentine stitches, both of which produce great results on small quilts! Here Lindsay shares tips that will help you feel confident conquering some basic quilting on your home machine. This mini quilt is part of the Make a Display sew-along series.  (Get more details here.)
How to Baste a Quilt Using Pool Noodles
Basting causes issues for many quilters. When layering a quilt sandwich, it can be a challenge to get the backing smooth and the quilt top straight. To improve your odds of success, grab three pool noodles and watch our how-to video. We think you'll be glad you did!
How to Make Eight Triangle-Squares at Once

You can make eight triangle-squares at once, significantly reducing the amount of time it takes to assemble matching triangle-squares you need for a project. Follow the how-to steps, below.