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2022 UFO Challenge
Each year, we challenge ourselves and our readers to finish some UFOs (unfinished objects)! Follow our directions for a productive year of quilting!
How Often Should You Replace Hand-Sewing Needles?
We all know that a sewing machine needle should be changed after every eight hours of sewing, but we don’t often hear a standard for hand-sewing needles. That's because the answer is a little more nuanced. Read more below.
How Long Does Thread Last?
Sewing thread does expire eventually. Read more below to discover all the factors at play. Then take the simple test to see if your thread is still good!
Start a New Year of Sewing Off Right
We all love to start the new year off right, especially when it comes to our sewing lives. Here are 10 items to help you begin the year refreshed, inspired, and enthusiastic about your projects! None of these to-dos will take very long, but they'll have a big impact on the amount of joy quilting will bring you in the upcoming year.
Where to Donate Quilts for Charity
Quilters are some of the most generous people we know! Using your talents to help those in need can spread love and cheer in your community. If you've never donated to a sewing charity before or are looking for new ways to share your talents, we have a few tips to consider and suggested charities to get you started!
Tips for Stitching in the Ditch
Stitch-in-the-ditch means quilting along the seams where your pieces come together. This method allows stitches to disappear into the seam, which makes a block or unit stand out from its background. You can use this method all on its own, or you can pair it up with more intricate quilting throughout your quilt.

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Start a Sewing Self-Care Ritual
Sewing can provide a much-needed break from our multitasking, hurried, digital-centric lives. Slowing down and working with our hands helps to quiet some of the noise, allowing for more mindful and stress-free living. In this video, staff members share a few ways they make sewing part of their self-care routine.
Upgrade Your Sewing Tools
Simple upgrades to your most-used tools can make the sewing process easier and more enjoyable. In this video, our staff shares recent upgrades they've made in their sewing rooms!

Hang Quilts with Command Strips

Joanna shares tips for hanging quilts on your wall using 3M Command Strips.