How to quilt

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Get Projects Organized to Make Progress

Our staff shares tips for organizing and making progress on your in-process projects.

How to Style a Quilt Ladder

Consider these tips when displaying quilts on a ladder in your home.

10 Tips for Choosing Fabrics

When we ask quilters what they struggle with most, choosing fabric is always toward the top of the list. Here are 10 great tips to help you find the color palettes and combinations that work best for you.

3 Tips for Cleaning Your Quilts

Our staff members share their favorite tips for cleaning and washing their quilts.

Inspiration for Choosing Color Palettes

We challenged ourselves to use our surroundings as the beginning of a color palette. To do that, we took pictures of things we love around our homes, yards, or neighborhoods and used those photos to pull from our stashes.

Fun Ideas for Hanging Quilts

Our staff members share some creative ideas for hanging their quilts for display.

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Create a Clutter-Free Sewing Space

Our staff members share their best tips for keeping their sewing spaces clear of clutter.

How to Clean Your Sewing Machine

Prevent lint and dust from building up by cleaning your sewing machine regularly. Beth shows you how!

Why You Should Make Your Bed Each Day

We’ll admit it – making your bed isn’t the most fun to-do item. It’s hard to devote yourself to this daily task when you know you’re just going to have to unmake your bed later. But making your bed can have a positive impact on your day. And as a quilter, it’s a fantastic way to show off handmade bedding and throws.