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Tips for Stitching in the Ditch
Stitch-in-the-ditch means quilting along the seams where your pieces come together. This method allows stitches to disappear into the seam, which makes a block or unit stand out from its background. You can use this method all on its own, or you can pair it up with more intricate quilting throughout your quilt.
Start a Sewing Self-Care Ritual
Sewing can provide a much-needed break from our multitasking, hurried, digital-centric lives. Slowing down and working with our hands helps to quiet some of the noise, allowing for more mindful and stress-free living. In this video, staff members share a few ways they make sewing part of their self-care routine.
Upgrade Your Sewing Tools
Simple upgrades to your most-used tools can make the sewing process easier and more enjoyable. In this video, our staff shares recent upgrades they've made in their sewing rooms!
Tips for Tackling a Tedious Sewing Task
We all have those dreaded tasks in our quilting lives – the ones that hang over our head and make us feel drained just thinking about them. But there’s a large body of research that suggests we’ll be happier, less stressed, and more creative if we buckle down and get that task done! In this video, our staff is sharing the tasks they've been putting off and how they're conquering them.
Spice Rack Storage
Joanna Burgarino shares how she converted thrift store spice racks into useful storage units for her sewing studio.
Simple Ways to Store Rulers and Templates
Jody Sanders offers five easy way to keep track of acrylic rulers and templates in your work space.

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Creative Storage Ideas
Quilters are always on the lookout for new and effective ways to store their sewing notions and tools. In this video, staff members share out-of-the-box ways they contain their sewing supplies.
Hang Quilts with Command Strips
Joanna shares tips for hanging quilts on your wall using 3M Command Strips.

Tour Elizabeth's Small Sewing Space

Elizabeth shares her small sewing space, as well as how she keeps clutter to a minimum.