Quilt throws

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Rustling Leaves

Subtle shifts in color provide the backdrop for dark triangles to dance across the quilt top.

Autumn Gems

Don’t be fooled by the hexagon shapes that bounce across the surface of this fall-inspired throw. The shapes are formed with a trapezoid pattern. 

Modern Log Cabin

Make a classic block more modern with a dark background and saturated prints.

Logging On

Dig into your scrap basket and make blocks that start with center squares and build out. 

Bold and Beautiful Throw

Highly saturated hues contrast with black prints and white prints in a modern throw. Fabrics are from the Sun Print 2021 collection by Alison Glass for Andover Fabrics.

Memory Maker

Combine T-shirt logos and pieced sections in various sizes to make a keepsake quilt that will be cherished for years to come.

More Quilt throws

Rail Fence Ripple

Making strip sets saves time when a design requires several units of the same pieces.

Candy Cane

A throw in the classic color combination of red and white can segue from the holidays to Valentine’s Day and even the Fourth of July.

Scrap Attack Throw

Scraps of all colors and sizes will find a home in a quilt composed of squares and triangle-squares. Fabrics are from the Forest Fancies collection by P&B Textiles.