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Tour Beth's Sewing Space

When staff member Beth and her husband finished their home's basement, they knew they wanted a multifunctional space where family members could gather and Beth could sew.

31 Days to an Organized Sewing Space

Getting your sewing room in order doesn’t have to be complicated. Just tackle one small task a day, and you’ll be on your way to a more organized and usable space.

Inspirational Sewing Quote Printable

To add inspiration to your sewing room, print out this quote and post it on your wall!

How to Organize and Store Your Works in Progress

If you’ve been quilting for a few years, you most likely have works in progress (WIPs). These projects may be things you’re actively working on or ones you've hidden away for years, awaiting time and inspiration. Consider these tips for organizing and storing your WIPs.

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Create a Clutter-Free Sewing Space

Our staff members share their best tips for keeping their sewing spaces clear of clutter.

Organize Your Sewing Machine Parts

See simple ideas for storing your sewing machine feet, bobbins, and more.