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How to Make Eight Triangle-Squares at Once
You can make eight triangle-squares at once, significantly reducing the amount of time it takes to assemble matching triangle-squares you need for a project. Follow the how-to steps, below.
How to Chain-Piece an Entire Quilt Block
If you’re assembling a quilt block that has many same-size pieces sewn together in rows, you can chain-piece the block to save time. Follow these steps below to learn the process.
How to Join Long Rows of Blocks
Instead of sewing together blocks or units in long rows, designer Kristin Esser uses a technique she calls "chunking."
3 Tips for Fixing Blocks That Aren't the Right Size
Elizabeth gives you three ways to deal with blocks that aren't the correct size once you've sewn them together.
Quick Tips for Sewing on Borders
Alison shares her favorite tips for adding borders!

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6 Tips for Triangle-Squares
Do you struggle to get accurate triangle-squares? Beth offers suggestions for getting better results!
How to Use Bloc Loc Rulers
Bloc Loc rulers can make both basic quilting units as well as more intricate designs easier to cut, sew, and trim. Beth shows you how to use the half square triangle ruler, the flying geese ruler, and the drunkards path shape.
Tips for Working with Bias Edges

Are you making our Sew Easy Sampler quilt? Block 2 involves sewing triangles with bias edges together. Here are some tips to prevent distortion of your shapes! Get instructions for this block here.