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10 Tips to Get the Perfect 1/4" Seam

Sewing is such a pleasure when pieces fit together nicely. Stitching precise ¼” seams is the key to success. Follow these tips to get straight, even, accurate seams.

Tips for Perfect Triangle-Squares

While some blame math and some blame accuracy, most everyone agrees that triangle-squares can be difficult to make. The first challenge is cutting the squares in measurements involving eighths, which aren't always clearly evident on a ruler. Second, extra care must be taken not to stretch the bias seam allowances when handling and sewing them. Here are some tips for making precise triangle-squares.

4 Tips for Sewing with Vinyl

Sewing with vinyl or laminate fabrics can be tricky! These four tips will make all your vinyl projects easier. This is a Machine Minute brought to you by Baby Lock and the Rachel machine.

Tips for Sewing with Knits

Learn what needle, presser foot, and stitch to use when sewing with knit fabrics. This is a Machine Minute brought to you by Baby Lock and the Grace machine.

How to Sew Straight

One of the most important parts of sewing, but sometimes the trickiest to achieve, is sewing straight. Here are four easy tips to help you sew straighter!

Tips for Hand Piecing

Need help improving your hand-piecing technique? Designer Jo Morton shares her process.

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