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Episode 517: Get Creative With Storage

We share some out-of-the-box storage solutions. Then we chat with fabric designer Julie Letvin.

Episode 516: Tackle a Task You've Been Putting Off

We share a few easy tips for tackling tedious sewing tasks. We also talk about sewing products we're loving right now, share tips for using thrift store finds in your sewing room, and chat with Renee Savage of Renee's House of Quilting.

Episode 515: Stitch a Needed Decor Item

We're sharing tips on the benefits of making your own decor, as well as how to fit these extra projects into your precious sewing time. We also share a story of A Doll Like Me non-profit, tips for straight-line quilting, what to do when you run out of fabric you need for a project, and how to get organized for a retreat.

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