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Twin Cities Quilting

Expect the unexpected at a progressive shop where ingenuity and hard-to-find fabrics flourish.
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Sew Inspired Quilt Shop

A quilt shop creates a loyal and energetic following through community, curating, and convening.
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Quilt Gallery

A northwest Montana quilting destination since 1983 has moved forward with a new owner and location while honoring its past.
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Pinwheels Quilting

A Georgia quilt shop started small and mighty and grew to big and bold in a short time.
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Old Town Quilt Shop

It’s easy for quilters to find a happy place within this creative community where all things bright reign.
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Mended Hearts Quilting & Boutique

An accomplished quilter found a way to mend her heart and give back.
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Lyons Quilting

The route from the Denver airport to Rocky Mountain National Park goes through Lyons, Colorado, where a savvy store owner has made her quilt shop a destination of its own.
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HomeGrown HomeSewn

A family enterprise evolves from online sewing kits to a bustling quilt shop.
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