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Secrets for Perfect Appliqué Points and Curves

Jody Sanders shares pivoting tricks for getting perfect appliqué stitches around outside curves, inside curves, and points.
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10 Tips for Needle-Turn Appliqué

These tips will help you improve your needle-turn appliqué experience and results.
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No-Sew Fusible Web

No-sew fusible web is a sheet-type adhesive used to bond layers of fabric without sewing. Use no-sew fusible web to make quick appliqués that add style and personality to readymades. Look for no-sew fusible web in packaged sheets or rolls, or by the yard in fabric and crafts stores. 
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No-Fear Machine Appliqué: These Stitches Are Our Go-Tos!

Take the fear out of machine appliqué! Jody Sanders shows you our favorite machine-appliqué stitches that are on most sewing machines. See examples of each one and learn about different ways to use them.
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Video 16: Pivoting at Curves and Points

Learn about pivoting the machine needle in order to get smooth machine-applique stitching.
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3 Ways to Applique

Baby Lock Sewing Machines shows you three ways to applique.
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Video 14: Using Fusible Web

See how to use fusible web in applique quilt projects.
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Machine Minute: Positioning Applique

Watch this video to discover the secret to great applique!