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Episode 456: Handwork Happiness

Learn the health benefits of working with your hands. Plus, hear an interview with Monique Jacobs of Open Gate Quilts.
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Episode 455: What's Your Organizing Personality?

Learn four organization personalities, then hear solutions to help each type build their best sewing space! Plus, we have an interview with Jera Brandvig of Quilting in the Rain.
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Episode 454: Where to Donate Unwanted Fabric Scraps

Ease the pain of letting go by donating your scraps to worthwhile causes. Plus, hear a Q&A with Philippa Naylor.
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Episode 453: Conquer Your UFOs This Year

Work through your works in progress with these actionable tips. Plus, hear a Q&A with Katja Marek.
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Episode 452: Start a New Year of Sewing Off Right!

Learn 10 items to help you start the year off refreshed, inspired, and enthusiastic about your projects. Plus, hear a Q&A with Wendy Sheppard.
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Episode 444: What to Do When You Lose Interest in a Project

Learn to revive your love of a project with these tips. Plus, hear a Q&A with quilt designer Meghan Buchanan of Then Came June.