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Welcome to the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast! Our programming is aimed at making your quilting life more fun and creative while connecting you with quiltmakers near and far. Join staff members of the magazines you love for episodes filled with tips and tricks. To learn how to listen, see here.

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Episode 562: Tips for Sewing T-Shirt Quilts
Make beautiful keepsake quilts with tips for planning, sewing, and quilting T-shirt quilts. We also chat with Natalie Pratt from The Ginger Quilter.
Episode 561: Unpopular Quilty Opinions, Part 2
We're spilling unpopular quilty opinions from both our staff and our listeners. We also share tips for quilting with metallic thread, stories of quilters making a difference in their community, and listener tips.
Episode 560: Make Scraptacular Quilts
Get tips for making gorgeous scrappy quilts. Plus, we chat with Diane Harris, a a designer, teacher, and scrap expert.
Episode 559: How to Work with Solid Fabrics
We share tips for working with solid fabrics, products we love, ideas for visiting quilt shops while traveling, and a quilting trend we're seeing now.
Episode 558: Tips for Strip-Piecing
We share tips for sewing, pressing, and cutting strip sets, as well as the math for how to make this technique work for any pattern. We also chat with Tighe Flanagan, a quilt designer known for his precise and complex patchwork.
Episode 557: Quilty Goals Check-In
On this episode, we share progress on our 2022 quilty goals. We also give tips on making progress on your UFOs and when to adjust your stitch length, and chat about the benefits of handwork.

More Quilting podcast

Episode 556: Creative Burn Out (and How to Solve It)
We share 7 signs that you may be experiencing creative burnout, and gives tips for how to overcome it. We also give opinions on whether or not to prewash fabrics, share top listener tips, give creative ideas for using toilet paper rolls in your sewing room, and tell stories of quilters making a difference in their communities.
Episode 555: Quilty Fan-Girl Moments
We share the talented quilters who are inspiring us right now.
Episode 550: Ask Us Anything

We're celebrating our 550th episode by answering listener questions!