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Welcome to the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast, a podcast aimed at making your quilting life more fun and creative, while connecting with quilters just like you. Join the staff of the magazines you love for a great episode filled with tips and tricks. To learn how to listen, see here.

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Episode 491: Know Your Sewing Machine Better

Your sewing machine is probably your most used and most expensive item in your sewing room. Are you using it to its full potential? We also share some amazing stories of how local quilt shops are continuing to get creative in this pandemic, sewing hacks from our listeners, tricks for trimming your blocks to size, and how to organize your sewing machine parts.

Episode 490: Count Your Quilty Blessings

November is sometimes seen as a time of reflection and gratitude, so on today’s show, we’re exploring what we and our listeners are thankful for in our quilting lives. We also chat about different types of scissors, a fun project a staff member is working on, tips for washing wall quilts, and ideas for your quilty holiday wish list!

Episode 489: The Power of Precuts

On today’s show, we’re talking about precuts: why we love them, tips for using them, and how we store them. We also chat with Jessica VanDenburgh of Sew Many Creations.

Episode 488: Sew for Charity. We'll Get You Started!

On today’s show, we’re giving some tips for finding a sewing charity to support and how to get involved this holiday season. We give an update on our own charity: the One Million Pillowcase Challenge. We also share some fun holiday programs we think you’ll love, and some items on our quilty wish list.

Episode 487: MacGyver Sewing Tips

We're sharing some MacGyver sewing tips to help anyone that finds themselves in a pinch for that last-minute holiday sewing. We also chat with the amazing Stacy West of Buttermilk Basin!

Episode 486: Tips for Sewing with Kids

We give tips for sewing with children – this is especially handy if you’ll need to entertain kids or grandkids for the holidays. We also share the do’s and don’ts of displaying antique quilts, tips for planning your handmade holiday gift-giving, and some favorite quilty products on our wish list. We also chat with Calico Crossing from Lockhart, Texas, about a fun way they’re making their quilt store mobile.

More Quilting podcast

Episode 485: Sort Your Scraps

This episode is all about scraps. If you’ve been wondering how to get started sorting and organizing your scraps, we’re offering some basics. We also chat with Jessica Vetor, a scrappy quilter and pattern designer, who has lots of fun tips and info to share.

Episode 484: Quilting Rules You Can Break

We’re tackling a controversial topic today: quilting rules – and which ones our staff and listeners are breaking! We also share stories of quilters making a difference in their communities, a staff member’s birthday challenge, a variety of cutting tips, and ideas for items to add to your holiday wish list!

Episode 479: Organize Projects for the Future

Set yourself up for sewing success during the holidays by planning ahead! Plus, hear an interview with Susan Cleveland.