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Welcome to the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast, a podcast aimed at making your quilting life more fun and creative, while connecting with quilters just like you. Join the staff of the magazines you love for a great episode filled with tips and tricks. To learn how to listen, see here.

Most Recent

Episode 535: Finish Quilts Fast
Beat the clock with these ideas for finishing your projects quickly. We also chat about conquering works in progress, share a holiday color trend and info on thimbles, and give tips for how to build your fabric stash.
Episode 534: How to Document Your Creations
Record your quilt's history and story for future generations. Also, hear listener sewing hacks, tips to save money in your sewing room, and the products on our holiday wish lists!
Episode 533: Sew Thankful
We share what we're thankful for! Plus, we chat with Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Company.
Episode 532: What to Do with Orphan Blocks
Learn how to use leftover blocks in your projects! Plus, we chat with Ashli Montgomery from Quilt 2 End ALZ.
Episode 531: Your Best Sewing Hacks
We share our listeners' best quilting tips and tricks! And we chat with Kirsta Meadows, the owner of All About Quilting in Jacksonville, North Carolina.
Episode 530: Find Your Signature Color Palette
On this episode, we're sharing how to find your signature color palette and put it to good use in your sewing room! We also share some sampler quilts and wish list products we love, give details about our Random Acts of "Quiltiness" Day, and chat about the Quilts for Care Leavers organization.

More Quilting podcast

Episode 529: Fussy-Cutting Tips
Learn how to add fussy-cut fabrics to your quilt. Plus, we chat with Riane Elise.
Episode 528: What We're Obsessed With Now
Our staff shares the fabric, products, patterns, and trends we're loving right now. We also share tips for choosing batting, a pattern that's great for your scraps, and chat with Rose Ann Cook of Quilter's Emporium.

Episode 523: Unpopular Quilty Opinions

We're spilling unpopular quilty opinions from both our staff and our listeners. We also talk about the neutral wool trend we're seeing, share stories of quilters making a difference in their communities, and highlight sewing storage you can find at a flea market.