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Make a Meaningful Mini Quilt

Celebrate a special occasion or good memory by creating a mini quilt to display in your home.
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Baby Lock’s New Embroidery machine is here!

The Baby Lock Solaris 2 is made to save time, be more precise, and sew and embroider worry free while delivering professional level results. Click here to learn more.
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3 Tips for Cleaning Your Quilts

Our staff members share their favorite tips for cleaning and washing their quilts.
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Tips for Sewing Log Cabin Blocks

Log Cabin blocks are a popular and versatile block for quilting. Beth shares tips for sewing log cabin blocks perfectly! Get instructions for a 11" Log Cabin block here.
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Inspiration for Choosing Color Palettes

We challenged ourselves to use our surroundings as the beginning of a color palette. To do that, we took pictures of things we love around our homes, yards, or neighborhoods and used those photos to pull from our stashes.
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Fun Ideas for Hanging Quilts

Our staff members share some creative ideas for hanging their quilts for display.
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Create a Clutter-Free Sewing Space

Our staff members share their best tips for keeping their sewing spaces clear of clutter.
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How to Clean Your Sewing Machine

Prevent lint and dust from building up by cleaning your sewing machine regularly. Beth shows you how!
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How to Display Quilts Outdoors

When the weather is nice, showcase your creations outside for others to enjoy. We give tips for displaying a quilt on your porch, a hammock, and a patio table.