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How to Add a Mitered Border to a Quilt

Mitering your border allows your design to continue around your quilt. This technique requires a little bit more fabric, but can really frame your quilt! Beth shows you how to figure the border length you'll need and add the border to your quilt top.
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Take Gorgeous Photos of Your Quilts with Flowers

Take Instagram-worthy pictures of your quilts with the help of beautiful bouquets from your garden. Jody Sanders shares her tips for photographing flowers and quilts together.
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How to Display Quilts Outdoors

When the weather is nice, showcase your creations outside for others to enjoy. We give tips for displaying a quilt on your porch, a hammock, and a patio table.
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How to Style a Bed Quilt

Making a bed quilt is an investment in both time and money. Here are some things to consider before tackling one, including some creative styling ideas.
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How to Bind a Quilt by Machine

Binding your project entirely by machine is a great time-saver! Beth shows you how to use the Quilt Binding Foot to make it super easy.
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