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Our Best Tips for Straight-Line Quilting

Straight-line quilting looks great and is easy to do on a home sewing machine. Beth shares our best tips for straight-line quilting and offers several design ideas. Download the cross hatch quilting diagram here.

Tips for Sewing Through Thick Fabrics

Are you sewing with denim, upholstery fabric, or canvas? Beth shares tips for dealing with those bulky seams.

Frame a Quilt with Wide Binding

Adding a wide binding to your project is a great way to frame your quilt and give it a different look! You can download written instructions here.

Get Projects Organized to Make Progress

Our staff shares tips for organizing and making progress on your in-process projects.

How to Style a Quilt Ladder

Consider these tips when displaying quilts on a ladder in your home.

Twin Cities Quilting

Expect the unexpected at a progressive shop where ingenuity and hard-to-find fabrics flourish.

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Sew Inspired Quilt Shop

A quilt shop creates a loyal and energetic following through community, curating, and convening.

Quilt Gallery

A northwest Montana quilting destination since 1983 has moved forward with a new owner and location while honoring its past.

HomeGrown HomeSewn

A family enterprise evolves from online sewing kits to a bustling quilt shop.