Rulers can help you quilt straight, accurately spaced lines. Beth reveals the accessories you need to get started with rulers, shares tips for stitching in the ditch, and demonstrates how to use a straight line ruler. Learn more about the Moxie here.


Hi I'm Beth and this video is brought to you by Handi Quilter and the Moxie machine. I love the look of straight line quilting but I want them to be precise. This is where rulers can really help!

When using rulers, you need a couple accessories for your Moxie. The first thing you need is the ruler base. This gives you a stable surface to support your ruler. Next, you'll need a sure foot. This foot has a higher profile to give you more of a bumper to run along your ruler edge and ensures the ruler can't slip under the foot. The standard foot has a lower profile which could potentially slip under your ruler.

Stitch in the ditch is a great way to define the sections of your quilting. This stitch in the ditch ruler is a great tool to have for this technique! Because the needle is ¼" away from the edge of the foot, it can be hard to tell where your stitching is going to end up. The tabs on this ruler line up with the seam so you know that following the ruler will get the stitching exactly in the ditch. When you're stitching in the ditch, try to keep your ruler and stitch on the "low" side of the ditch. Typically, you're pressing the seams to one side, so one side of the ditch will be slightly higher where those seams are. If you're stitching on the low side, it's going to be much easier to get that stitch to nest into the ditch. You can also adjust your stitches to be a little bit smaller so they are even less noticeable! Try 14 stitches per inch. (And of course a matching thread will blend in more too! I'm using a contrasting thread so you can more easily see my stitches.)

When using a ruler, be sure to keep a good grip on it and keep the stitching only where you have control of the ruler. Be sure to stop and readjust your grip often! The grid lines on the ruler can help you keep evenly spaced lines. Simply line up the desired mark on the ruler with your previous line of stitching and you'll have the perfect spacing!

When you're quilting, the right tools make all the difference! Using rulers can help you achieve that perfect, precise quilting you just can't get freehand. Be bold, be creative, and quilt with Moxie! Learn more at