Beth demonstrates beginner-friendly quilting designs for sashing and hourglass blocks. Learn more about the Handi Quilter Moxie here.


Hi! I'm Beth and this video is brought to you by Handi Quilter and the Moxie machine. When you're first getting started quilting, it can be hard to decide what designs to stitch. Today, I'm sharing some easy, beginner-friendly designs that you can try.

The educators at Handi Quilter sent me some design ideas for my quilt top which was really helpful. I picked a few of those to stitch out on my practice cloth here. So this one was a petal design that goes into the center and out to the edge. I did a little bit of ribbon candy for my sashing. And then here was a design based on the es and ls that is in the how to quilt kit that comes with the Moxie. This looked nice but was a little more dense than I wanted. And this one is the one that I liked and am going to stitch out on my quilt top. This is a little more simplified loop design and gives the look of a flower. This one seemed like it would stitch out a little faster for me. I also practiced some wish bone designs as well. It's a good idea to practice your designs to see which one you feel like you'd like to stitch out across an entire quilt top.

I think it's important to remember when you're just getting started that it's not going to be perfect right away. You will make mistakes and that's ok!

I've loaded my quilt and I'm ready to start stitching, but first I'm going to take my finger and just trace out my path so that I have that muscle memory and I know how I'm going to start and where I'm going to be going. So I'm doing my wishbone design, back and forth, making that little loop. This design is like a sideways figure 8. I want to end on the corner of my square so I can then move into that petal design. Again, I'm going to stop with my needle down and think about where I'm going to go and what direction I want to go. Again, I'm tracing the path with my finger, this really helps me to know where I'm going and where I'll end up.

So I'm starting to stitch, I'm going up to the center and making a loop, then going back out to the corner, take a little pause, go up to the center and make my loop, and then back to the corner. You want to watch the point where you're wanting to go. Again, go up to the center, loop, back to the corner, up to the center, loop, back to the corner.

I know it's a little hard to see the stitching here because I used a pale pink thread, but if you're just starting, using a low contrast thread can help hide any mistakes. You just get that nice texture of the quilting.

Let's see that design again, but faster.

I hope this inspires you to give quilting a try! Be bold, be creative, and quilt with Moxie. Learn more at