Hi! I'm Beth and this video is brought to you by Baby Lock. Do you ever find that your quilt batting is just a bit too small for your project? Or you have several smaller pieces you'd like to join? Today, I'm going to show you an easy technique for piecing batting using an edge joining foot.

First, you want to gather two or more pieces of the same weight, color and type of batting.  This is important because using different types, textures, or colors of batting could handle and launder differently.

Cut the edges you want to sew together so they are straight. The batting shouldn't overlap or gap as this could be noticeable in the finished project as the quilt could appear uneven or lumpy.

The edge joining foot has a guide in the center, which allows you to align two edges while keeping the joining point centered under the foot. Select a fairly wide zigzag stitch 6.0 with a longer length 3.0. We're using a contrasting thread here so you can see it, but you would want to match your thread color to your batting so the seam won't show through (especially on lighter fabrics).

Now align the pieces on each side of the center guide and stitch.

Waste less batting and save money by joining smaller pieces of batting for your project. The edge joining foot makes this technique super easy!