Beth gives tips for sewing the side "candy" units in Block 7. Find more information on our 2021 Block of the Month project here. Download the block instructions here. Join our Facebook group here.

Hi! I'm Beth with American Patchwork & Quilting and today I'm sharing tips for sewing Block 7 of our Bright New Day Block of the Month. You can find the link to the free pattern download in the video description.

Today, I'm showing you how to sew the side units we like to call the "candy" units because they look like a little wrapped candy.

First, you need to sew your two triangle squares together for the "candy" portion. Since you're starting on a point, there are a couple things you can do to make sure you get a nice smooth start on that point. One is to switch out for a straight stitch plate, which I've already done. So the opening for the needle is smaller so there's less surface area for the point to be pulled down into your machine. The really nice thing about this Husqvarna Viking Epic 95Q is this comes with the machine and I've already switched that out. And then a leader strip is always helpful as well, just a little scrap of fabric just to give you a little bit of a start on that point.

Once those are sewn and pressed, I like to trim off the dog ears so they aren't in the way when you sew to the other pieces. Lay out your candy unit with your center triangle square, two "wrapper" pieces, and 4 background triangles. This goes together diagonally, so I like to sew the end units together first. It's always helpful to start sewing on the square edge rather than the point (if you can). I still like to use a leader strip, just to make sure you get a smooth start.

Once those are sewn, grab one background triangle and the center triangle square and align. You want to align the square edge of the triangle with the triangle square. There's a little extra on one end, but we'll trim that off later. Stitch together (again, I like to flip it to start on the square edge rather than the point). Press and then add the other side. Now you have a parallelogram shape. I like to trim the dog ears before sewing this shape to the end triangles.

When you sew the end units to the center, you want to make sure you align the seam really well so the points line up. The seams will nest because they are pressed in opposite directions, when you line them up, nestle them right up next to each other and they'll lock in place. I like to add a pin across the seam so I can make sure that they stay perfectly aligned.

Sew those and then trim all dog ears to complete your candy unit. Just be sure not to trim too much size off your candy unit or it could end up too small.

I've completed all my four candy units and laid out my center square in a square unit and corner squares and now I'll sew together the block in rows.

Here are the two completed blocks. Today I was sewing with the Eat Your Veggies! collection by Sandy Gervais for Riley Blake Designs. This fun dinosaur and veggie-themed line is coming September 2021. I fussy cut this cute orange dino to feature in the center.

The second block uses the Hope Blooms collection by Kansas Troubles Quilters for Moda Fabrics. It's so fun to see how a more traditional fabric line looks on this block!

Share your blocks with us in our facebook group and on Instagram with the hashtag APQBOM2021. We love seeing your versions! Have fun sewing Block 7!