If you're participating in the Twice the Fun quilt-along, here are some tips for sewing Block A together. (Get more details here.)


Hi, I'm Lindsay from American Patchwork & Quilting! And welcome to Week 5 of the Twice the Fun quilt-along! This week, we're sewing together our A blocks. With blocks such as these, where we're sewing a lot of the same size units together in rows, we can actually chain-piece the entire block, which saves a lot of time and thread. Here's how you do it.

First, lay out your units in order next to your sewing machine.

Then take the first two pieces in each row and start chain-piecing them together.

Take the pieced chain back to your work surface and lay them out. Then sew the third piece in each row to the chain.

Continue doing this until all pieces in each row have been added to your chain. You'll see that you end up with a block connected by thread to hold it in place. You can take this whole block over to your ironing board and press your seams like the pattern says.

Then you can sew the rows together in the blocks to finish it. And if you have all your A blocks to this point, you can chain piece the rows together using this same method.

This method really does help those blocks come together faster, so we hope you try it! Find more details and join the quilt-along on our website at AllPeopleQuilt.com/TwiceTheFun.