If you're participating in the Twice the Fun quilt-along, here are some tips for working with units that have bias edges. (Get more details here.)


Hi, I'm Lindsay from American Patchwork & Quilting! And welcome to Week 2 of the Twice the Fun quilt-along! This week, we're working with triangles that have bias edges. Bias edges are much more prone to stretching and distorting, which can cause things to not line up or come together easily as you're sewing the blocks together. So, today I'm sharing a few tips for working with bias edges.

Consider spraying your fabric with starch before cutting. Starch helps your fabric keep its shape and makes it a little stiffer, so you can cut and sew those pieces a little easier.

Once your pieces are cut, only move them as necessary. Bias seams are stretchy and easily distort if they're handled too much, which can cause misshapen pieces.

When pressing these pieces, don't drag the iron across the piece. Pick it up, then set it back down to avoid stretching the fabric. And we recommend no steam, which can cause further stretching.

Since bias seams stretch, use pins to hold things in place while sewing.

When sewing two triangles together, start sewing at the 90-degree angle, not the triangle point. This will keep your stitches smooth and prevent the machine from sucking the point into the machine.

We hope these tips help as you work with these triangles and bias edges! Find more details and join the quilt-along on our website at AllPeopleQuilt.com/TwiceTheFun.