If you're participating in the Twice the Fun quilt-along, here are some tips for choosing fabrics. (Get more details here.)


Hi, I'm Lindsay from American Patchwork & Quilting! We're a few weeks away from our Twice the Fun quilt-along, and we wanted to talk a little about choosing fabrics. If you're participating, you're probably starting to plan your colors, pick your fabrics, and possibly do a little shopping, so we wanted to share a few resources that may help you plan your quilt!

The original quilt by Charisma Horton uses solid fabrics from the Cotton Couture collection by Michael Miller Fabrics. Each block in this quilt uses a distinct color palette of 6 fabrics to make the overall effect. But this quilt can easily translate into any color fabric and any print fabric with a little planning! No matter how you purchased the pattern –with the magazine, as a PDF, or as a paper pattern – it should've come with a coloring diagram and block planning diagrams. But we have these two resources available on our website in case you need to print extra!

The block planning diagram is so helpful in this quilt! Let me walk you through how to use it – I'll use the amazing color option from the magazine as an example of how to plan this quilt in a different colorway! You'll see that each block uses 6 fabrics as shown and labeled in this diagram. You also have space to add fabric swatches from your six chosen fabrics and then color in the block accordingly to make sure you like the placement. The swatches are labeled with the original fabric name, so when you're cutting and piecing this quilt, you'll know that every time the pattern says for instance "cream fabric", you'll want to sub in for your chosen fabric.

Once you're comfortable with your blocks and the colors chosen, you can also choose to color in the handy coloring diagram to see the overall color effect across the quilt.

We hope these resources help you choose and plan your fabrics for this quilt! Find more details and join the quilt-along on our website at AllPeopleQuilt.com/TwiceTheFun.