Week 5 of the 2021 Quilts & More Quilt-Along starts on 10/11. The assignment is to make star blocks. Here are some helpful tips for making star blocks. See more about the Quilt-Along here.

This week we're assembling our star blocks, so we wanted to share some tips for getting perfect points on those star blocks, which can be hard to do when we're working with smaller pieces like in this quilt.

When you're making the diagonal line on the wrong side of your Flying Geese squares, use the thinnest marking tool you can find – we like to use a sharpened pencil. The thicker the line, the more ambiguity there is on where to sew, so a thinner line helps you be more accurate.

If you're finding that your Flying Geese are coming out a little too small, we suggest sewing the squares to the rectangle of the Flying Geese using a scant seam (one or two threads in from the marked line), which gives you a little extra space for the bulk of the fabric when you press the triangle open.

Lastly, when you're sewing the star block's rows together, we like to put the star points on top and pin the rows together. Then when you're sewing, you can see where your seam line will hit on the point of the Flying Geese, so you can make adjustments if needed.