Week 7 of the 2020 American Patchwork & Quilting Quilt-Along starts on 3/30 and Week 8 starts on 4/6. The assignment is: Cut sashing and assemble quilt center. Below you'll find some helpful tips and some answers to questions we've been getting. See more about the Quilt-Along here.
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Cutting sashing is a pretty easy assignment for one week, isn't it?

We planned it that way -- after six weeks of frantically cutting, piecing, and pressing, it's nice to have an easy week. Plus, if you fell behind with your piecing, this gives you an easy week to catch up!

How do I make sure my blocks are in the correct layout before sewing them together?

If you have a design wall or large open space on the floor, this is a great time to use it to lay all your blocks out. We suggest taking a picture of the layout to help see if any of the blocks are turned the wrong way (it's easier to tell in a photo than in person). The photo may also help you see if any specific colors or fabrics are unbalanced in your quilt top.

What's the most important thing to pay attention to at this stage?

Pressing is extremely important at this step, since the quilt's design ensures that all the seams nest. Pressing in the correct direction, and making sure your seams don't twist as you sew, will help everything align as you move forward, and will give you a smooth and flat quilt top.