This patriotic table runner goes together in no time, thanks to the quilt-as-you-go method. Linda shows you how!


Hi I'm Linda Augsburg, Editorial Content Chief for American Patchwork & Quilting. In this Show Me How Video brought to you by Baby Lock and the Crescendo machine, I'm going to show you how to make this patriotic table runner. Now the great thing about this runner is that you can use any type of fabric of course but it uses 5 inch squares and 2  inch strips. For almost all of the top and of course the binding so it's really easy to put it together with leftover fabric from another project or to make multiples using one pack of 5 inch squares and one pack of 2  inch strips, let's get started. To make this runner you'll need 9- 5 inch squares, you'll need 3- 2 x 42 inch strips of fabric in one color and one 2  strip x 42 inch strip for another color then for the binding you'll need 3  2  inch by 42 inch strips. For the backing you'll need 5/8 of a yard, 42 wide of course and then for your batting you're going to need a 20 by 38-inch piece of batting. You might also want to have some spray adhesive if you want to adhere the batting to the backing fabric just to make your quilt as you go project a little easier. From the red and ivory 2  inch strips you're going to cut a 14-inch length, and you're going to cut two of those from each strip, your squares are already cut to the size that they need to be because you're going to start with 5 inch squares. Now we're going to arrange those 9- 5 inch squares and your 8 strips in an arrangement that you like, you're going to start the end with a strip do a set of three squares then three strips then three squares and continue until you use all of your pieces. Next you're going to layer your 20 by 38-inch piece on top of your backing fabric with the wrong side towards the batting and you're going to mark the center mark both horizontally and vertically of your batting. To sew the pieces together, I'm going to sew my three 5 inch squares in their sets as I had them arranged, press all the seams toward the darker fabric. Then for the center three-piece strip, I'm going to fold both the long ways and the short ways and just finger press those folds, then I'm going to line up those folds with the lines on my batting because this is the center strip. So once I have that in place, I know that's going to be the center of my runner. Next I'm going to take one of the 2  by 14 inch strips, again remembering my order, going to lay that down, right sides together and I'm going to sew through all the layers with a quarter inch seam. So I've put the walking foot on my machine, I've also set the guideline, the guideline is just a little red light that just helps me know that I'm a quarter of an inch away from the edge of the fabric, because my walking foot doesn't have a quarter inch line on it, it's going to help me keep everything lined up while I quilt. Now I'm going to flip that 2  inch strip back and finger press it or if you have your iron handy you can press that seam, then you're going to put the next strip of fabric, right side down, on top of the previous strip and again just sew a quarter inch seam across that edge, quilting through all the layers the same time as you're sewing the seams. Once you've got all the strips and three block rows added to this direction, you can go and do the other direction as well, then you're going to trim the batting and backing even with your edges and add your binding. The great part about this runner is that it's already quilted, now once you've got it bound, you're ready to put it on your table. Thanks so much for joining us for this video. Again, for the instructions go to