Here's a place mat that's so easy you'll be eager to sew a set of four! This quilt-as-you-go project means that when the top is done, so is the quilting! Add binding and you've completed a pretty place mat. Fabrics are from the Mixed Bag collection by Studio M for Moda Fabrics.


  • 18x21" piece (fat quarter) print for place mat backing
  • 9 assorted print 2-1/2x14" strips for place mat top
  • 1/4 yard dot or print for place mat binding
  • 14x20" piece thin quilt batting
  • Quilt basting spray (optional)
  • Water-soluble marking pen

Finished place mat: 18x12"

Sew this project with 1/4" seams. Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated. Yardages and cutting instructions are based on 42" of usable fabric width.


Cut the Fabrics

From backing fabric, cut:

  • 1--14x20" rectangle

From binding fabric, cut:

  • 2--2-1/2x42" strips

Assemble (and Quilt) the Place Mat

1. Lay backing fabric rectangle on work surface with right side down.


2. Place thin quilt batting piece on top. (If desired, use quilt-basting spray to secure the layers together.)


3. Using a water-soluble marking pen, mark a line 2-1/2" from left short edge.


4. Align a print 2-1/2x14" strip, right side up, between the left short edge and the drawn line.


5. Place a second print 2-1/2x14" strip, right side down, atop the first strip.


6. Sew together along one edge through all layers.

TIP: Use a walking foot attachment on your machine during the construction to avoid puckers on the placemat front and back. With a walking foot, all layers of fabric move through machine at the same speed.


7. Finger-press the top strip open.


8. Continue adding assorted print strips in same manner, one at a time, finger pressing each open, until all nine strips have been added.


9. Finger-press ninth strip open. Press unit flat.

10. Centering strips, trim unit to make an 18x12" place mat top.

11. Machine baste around outer edges of place mat top about 1/8" from cut edges.


12. To bind and finish the edges of place mat use 2-1/2x42" binding strips.