The whimsical prints in this kid-size quilt are from David Carter Brown's Over the Moon collection for Wilmington Prints.
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Inspired by "Cinnamon & Nutmeg" from designer Tara Lynn Darr of Sew Unique Creations

Quiltmaker: Laura Boehnke


  • 5/8 yard novelty print No. 1 (large diamonds)
  • 1 yard novelty print No. 2 (large diamonds, half diamonds, triangles)
  • 5/8 yard red-and-cream check (sashing, inner border)
  • 7/8 yard red-and-gold stripe (sashing)
  • 1 yard blue print (outer border, binding)
  • 2-7/8 yards backing fabric
  • 52x63" batting

Finished quilt: 45-1/2x56-1/2"

Quantities are for 44/45"-wide, 100% cotton fabrics.

Measurements include 1/4" seam allowances. Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated

Cut Fabrics

Cut pieces in the following order.

All of the pieces needed for this quilt -including the diamonds and triangles-are rotary-cut. A 6-1/2x24" acrylic ruler marked with 30˚ and 60˚ angles is most helpful when cutting pieces. That size ruler is shown in the diagrams. (Instructions are given for right-handed cutting; if you're left-handed, reverse diagrams and directions.)

From novelty print No. 1, cut:

  • 3--6-1/2x42" strips

From novelty print No. 2, cut:

  • 5--6-1/2x42" strips

From red-and-cream check, cut:

  • 4--2-1/2x42" strips for sashing
  • 5--1-1/2x42" strips for inner border

From red-and-gold stripe, cut:

  • 10--2-1/2x42" strips for sashing

From blue print, cut:

  • 5--3-1/2x42" strips for outer border
  • 6--2-1/2x42" binding strips

Prepare Large Pieces

1. Referring to Diagram 1, trim right-hand edge of a novelty print No. 1-6-1/2x42" strip at a 60˚ angle. To do this, align 60˚ line of an acrylic ruler (red line on diagram) with top edge of strip; cut along right-hand edge of ruler.


2. Rotate strip 180˚. Measure 6-1/2" from trimmed (left-hand) edge and, cutting parallel to trimmed edge, cut to make a large diamond (Diagram 2). Repeat to cut four large diamonds total.


3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 with remaining novelty print No. 1-6-1/2x42" strips to make 12 large diamonds total. Repeat with novelty print No. 2-6-1/2x42" strips, cutting two large diamonds from each of three strips, for six large diamonds total.

4. Select a novelty print No. 2 partial strip. The left-hand edge already should be cut at a 60º angle. (If it's not, repeat Step 1 to trim.) Referring to Diagram 3, measure 1/2" from corner along bottom edge of strip and make a mark. Align ruler with mark and cut at a 30º angle to make a large half diamond. Repeat to make four large half diamonds total.


5. Select a novelty print No. 2 partial or whole strip. Repeat Step 1, if necessary, to cut the left-hand edge at a 60º angle. Referring to Diagram 4, measure 1/4" from corner along top edge of strip and make a mark. Align ruler with mark and cut at a 60º angle to make a large triangle. Repeat to make 10 large triangles total.


6. On a large triangle, measure 1/4" from top right-hand corner of "flattened" tip and make a mark (Diagram 5). Holding ruler vertically, align its edge with mark; trim along ruler edge to make a corner triangle A. Repeat with a second triangle to make a second corner triangle A.


7. Measuring from top left-hand corners of two large triangles' flattened tips, repeat Step 8 to make two corner B triangles total (Diagram 6).


Prepare Sashing Pieces

1. Referring to Diagram 7 and Prepare Large Pieces, steps 1 and 2, trim one end of a red-and-cream check 2-1/2x42" strip at a 60˚ angle and cut it into five 2-1/2"-wide sashing diamonds. Repeat with three of the remaining strips to cut 17 sashing diamonds total. (Retain remaining partial strips for use in Step 3.)


TIP: Check every two or three rows to ensure you're still cutting at a perfect 60˚ angle; retrim to correct the angle, if needed.

2. Trim one end of a remaining red-and-cream check 2-1/2x42" strip at a 60˚ angle. Referring to Diagram 8 and Prepare Large Pieces, Step 5, cut strip into six sashing triangles. Repeat with a second red-and-cream check 2-1/2x42" strip to cut eight sashing triangles total. (Retain remaining partial strips for use in Step 3.)


3. Referring to Diagram 9 and Prepare Large Pieces, Step 4, use a red-and-cream check partial strip to cut a sashing half diamond. Repeat to cut six sashing half diamonds total.


4. Trim one end of a red-and-gold stripe 2-1/2x42" strip at a 60˚ angle. Positioning ruler parallel with angled end of strip, trim 6-1/2" from angled end to make a sashing strip A (Diagram 10). Repeat to cut 24 A sashing strips total.


5. Flip ruler over and repeat Step 4 with the 60º angles running in opposite direction to cut a B sashing strip (Diagram 11). Repeat to cut 24 B sashing strips total.


Assemble Quilt Center

1. Referring to Quilt Assembly Diagram, lay out all prepared pieces, except for corner triangles, in diagonal rows. Position large and small triangles with their flattened tips (the 1/4"-long edge) running parallel to top and bottom edges of quilt center. This will help you match up pieces and ensure grain line runs in correct direction in finished quilt.

Over the Moon Throw

2. To assemble a row, layer first triangle and its adjacent sashing strip with raw edges aligned; sew together (Diagram 12). Press seam toward sashing strip.


3. To add a large diamond, layer it with the sashing strip so the raw edges are aligned but the ends are offset; sides of pieces should meet exactly at 1/4" seam line (Diagram 13). Join pieces and press seam toward sashing strip. Add remaining pieces in same manner to complete row, pressing all seams toward sashing strips. Repeat to sew together pieces in each diagonal row.


4. Join rows; press seams in one direction. Add corner triangles to complete quilt center; press seams toward corner triangles. The quilt center should be 37-1/2x48-1/2" including seam allowances.

Add Borders

1. Cut and piece red-and-cream check 1-1/2x42" strips to make:

  • 2--1-1/2x48-1/2" inner border strips
  • 2--1-1/2x39-1/2" inner border strips

2. Sew long inner border strips to long edges of quilt center. Add short inner border strips to remaining edges. Press all seams toward inner border.

3. Cut and piece blue print 3-1/2x42" strips to make:

  • 2--3-1/2x50-1/2" outer border strips
  • 2--3-1/2x45-1/2" outer border strips

4. Sew long outer border strips to long edges of quilt center. Sew short outer border strips to remaining edges to complete quilt top. Press all seams toward outer border.

Finish Quilt

1. Layer quilt top, batting, and backing; baste. Quilt as desired

2. Bind with blue print stripe binding strips.