Here are some fun ways to display quilts that will create an inviting and beautiful living space.

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  1. If you couch opens up to the room, consider hanging your quilt over the back of the couch to add visual interest as you enter the space.

2. Similarly, you can hang a quilt off the side of your couch, so it's handy to grab when needed.

3. To make a real statement, hang a large quilt behind your couch. It acts as a piece of art and frames the furniture.

4. Next, let's talk about folding techniques. Washing and drying a quilt gives it a nice drape and crinkle, so it lays across the couch effortlessly. You can also tuck it into the cushions to act like a couch cover. If your quilt has a distinct pattern on it, you can center the design when folding the quilt to highlight the piecing.

5. And don't forget the ottoman. If you have an ottoman in front of your couch, a quilt laid on it is inviting and ready for use.

6. Couch quilts are an easy way to decorate for the holidays. You can keep your living room neutral and change the quilt to highlight the changing of the seasons or holidays.

7. Now, let's talk pillows. If you keep your throw pillows neutral, you can change up the quilts often and always ensure the pillows match. Or grab pillows in bold colors to match the quilt. Don't forget you can sew your own pillows to change up the look of your couch.

8. The size of the quilt is important, too! Make sure the quilt is wide enough or long enough to accommodate the couch and the people who will be using it.

9. Create vignettes in your room to tie the decor together. Here, a quilt ladder holds an extra quilt next to the couch. And here, the same fabric line is used for a throw quilt on the couch, an extra throw on the ladder, and a table topper.

10. And if you have pets, remember that quilts that match your pet's fur (such as these darker quilts), make hair less noticeable, so your quilts require less washing.