Fins, feathers, and fur fussy-cut from nature-motif fabrics punctuate the warm colors of this flannel throw made for a man who loves the outdoors.
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Designer: Mary Helen Schiltz


  • 12--18×22" pieces (fat quarters) assorted light, medium, and dark flannels (rectangles)
  • 6--18×22" pieces (fat quarters) assorted novelty flannels (fussy-cut rectangles)
  • 2 yards dark red flannel (rectangles, sashing, border)
  • 3⁄4 yard yellow novelty flannel (rectangles, binding)
  • 3 yards backing fabric
  • 53×76" batting

Finished quilt: 47×70"

Quantities are for 44⁄45"-wide, 100% cotton fabrics. Measurements include  1⁄4" seam allowances. Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated.

Cut Fabrics

To make the best use of your fabrics, cut pieces in the following order. Cut sashing and border strips lengthwise (parallel to the selvage).

From assorted light, medium, and dark flannels, cut:

  • 144--3×6" rectangles

From assorted novelty flannels, fussy-cut:

  • 24--3×6" rectangles

From dark red flannel, cut:

  • 6--1-1⁄2×68" sashing strips
  • 2--1-1⁄2×68" border strips
  • 2--1-1⁄2×47" border strips
  • 11--3×6" rectangles

From yellow novelty flannel, cut:

  • 6--2-1⁄2×42" binding strips
  • 10--3×6" rectangles

Assemble Pieced Rows

1.    Referring to photo for placement, lay out 189 light, medium, dark, novelty, dark red, and yellow flannel 3×6" rectangles in seven vertical rows.

2.    Join rectangles along their long edges to make seven 6×68" pieced rows.

Assemble Quilt Center

1.    Referring to photograph for placement, lay out seven 6×68" pieced rows and six dark red flannel 1-1⁄2×68" sashing strips.

2.    Join to make quilt center. Press seams toward sashing strips. The quilt center should be 45×68" including seam allowances.

Add Border

1.    Join dark red flannel 1-1⁄2×68" border strips to long edges of quilt center. Press seams toward border.

2.    Sew dark red flannel 1-1⁄2×47" border strips to remaining edges to complete quilt top. Press seams toward border.

Finish Quilt

1.    Layer quilt top, batting, and backing; baste.

2.    Quilt as desired. Vicki Swenson machine-quilted meandering swirls with a variegated thread across the quilt.

3.    Bind with yellow novelty flannel binding strips.