Assemble a 5" Basket of Blooms block.
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  • 5-1/2" square of solid off-white
  • Solid yellow, solid green, solid light blue, and solid blue scraps
  • Black embroidery floss

Finished block: 5" square

Cut the Fabrics

Click on "Download this Project" above for pattern pieces. Choose a method of appliqué, then refer to the instructions for your chosen appliqué method in the download to cut fabric pieces and prepare them.

From solid yellow, cut: 

  • 1 of Pattern A

From solid green, cut: 

  • 2 of Pattern C

From solid light blue, cut: 

  • 1 of Pattern B

From solid blue, cut: 

  • 1 of Pattern B

Assemble the Block

1. Prepare and position the appliqué pieces on the solid off-white 5-1/2" square (Appliqué Placement Diagram).

2. Using small slip stitches and threads that match the fabrics, appliqué the pieces in place, starting with the bottom layer and working toward the top.

3. Using three strands of black embroidery floss, make three French knots in each flower.