Make a quick-to-assemble patriotic picnic throw or cozy cottage twin-size bed quilt from your favorite scrappy assortment of red, white, and blue prints. Fabrics are from the Symphony of Blues and Rhapsody of Reds collections by Jenni Calo for Connecting Threads.
Red, White, and Blue Bricks
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Inspired by Brick Rack from designer Nancy Palmer

Quilt tester: Jan Ragaller


  • 24--18×21" pieces (fat quarters) assorted prints in red, white, and blue (rectangles)
  • 3⁄4 yard dark red print (binding)
  • 5-5⁄8 yards backing fabric
  • 76×101" batting

Finished quilt: 68×92-1⁄2" (twin-size with 14" drop)

Yardages and cutting instructions are based on 42" of usable fabric width.

Measurements include 1⁄4" seam allowances. Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated.

Cut Fabrics

Cut pieces in the following order.

To cut the most rectangles from each fat quarter, refer to the Cutting Diagram. The rectangles will run vertically when used as a twin-size bed quilt. If you chose directional prints that require cutting lengthwise rather than widthwise (as shown in the Cutting Diagram), you will get six rectangles from each fat quarter instead of eight.


From each assorted print, cut:

  • 8--5×8-1⁄2" rectangles (you will use 180 of the 192 total cut)

From dark red print, cut:

  • 9--2-1⁄2×42" binding strips

Assemble Quilt Top

Before stitching rectangles together, arrange them on a flannel design wall or the floor to make sure you are happy with the layout.

1.  Referring to Quilt Assembly Diagram, sew together 12 assorted print 5×8-1⁄2" rectangles to make Row 1. Press seams open. Row 1 should be 5×96-1⁄2" including seam allowances.


2.  Repeat Step 1 to make rows 2–15.

3.  Find and mark crosswise center of first rectangle in Row 1. Align Row 1 centerline with one short edge of Row 2; pin. Sew together rows 1 and 2 along long edges. Press seams open.

4.  Referring to Quilt Assembly Diagram, add remaining rows, offsetting them and pressing as before, to complete quilt top.

5.  Using a long acrylic ruler and rotary cutter and referring to blue dotted lines on Quilt Assembly Diagram, trim quilt top to 68×92-1⁄2" including seam allowances.

Finish Quilt

1.  Layer quilt top, batting, and backing; baste. Quilt as desired.

2.  Bind with dark red print binding strips.