Making a bed quilt is an investment of time and money. Here are some things to consider before tackling one, including some creative styling ideas.

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  1. If you plan to switch the quilt on your bed often, we suggest keeping your bedroom colors neutral. A neutral wall color and decor means you can easily change your quilts for the seasons and holidays without it clashing with your room's colors.
  2. Or make your quilt's colors neutral, so it matches anything in your room, no matter how often you like to paint or redecorate. A neutral quilt means you can add pops of color with pillows, decor, or wall colors.
  3. If your room's decor features a lot of color and pattern, consider adding a quilted throw to your bed instead of a bed quilt. This allows the quilt to act as an accent to the room instead of a clashing focal point.
  4. Don't forget the importance of the backing when making a bed quilt. If you choose a large print backing fabric, it will look so stylish when you turn down your bed for the night. Or turn back a corner for a standout accent when making your bed each day.
  5. Step up your bedding game by making pillowcases that match your quilt. Make extra blocks to use on the band of the pillowcase, or choose a fabric that was used in the quilt for a sham. It'll really tie the look together
  6. If your quilt has a large design or a focal point, make sure it's centered on your bed. Otherwise the quilt will look crooked or the design will hang down the sides and lose the quilt's overall effect.
  7. If your bed has a footboard, consider jazzing it up by hanging a quilt off the end of it.
  8. No worries if you have a quilt you love that isn't quite big enough for your bed. Try setting the quilt on top of the bedding on point as a bed topper. It adds a unique look to the room.