This pint-size quilt is perfect for a baby quilt or for a toddler to cuddle up with on a cool fall day.
Sweet Strips
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Quiltmaker: Mary Pepper

Machine Quilter: Randy Simdorn


  • 1 yard total assorted pastel prints, polka dots, and solids (pieced rows)
  • 1-3/4 yard floral (sashing and border)
  • 1/2 yard solid turquoise (binding)
  • 3 yards backing fabric
  • 54x65" batting

Finished quilt: 48x58-1/2"

Quantities are for 44/45"-wide, 100% cotton fabrics. Measurements include 1/4" seam allowances. Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated.

Cut Fabrics

Cut pieces in the following order. Cut sashing and border strips lengthwise (parallel to the selvages).

From assorted pastel print, polka dot, and solid, cut:

  • 348--1-1/2x3-1/2" rectangles

From floral, cut:

  • 2--5-1/4x58-1/2" border strips
  • 5--4-1/2x58-1/2" sashing strips

From solid turquoise, cut:

  • 6--2-1/2x42" binding strips

Assemble Pieced Rows

Referring to Quilt Assembly Diagram, lay out 58 assorted print 1-1/2x3-1/2" rectangles in a row. Sew together rectangles; press seams in one direction to make a pieced row. The pieced row should be 3-1/2x58-1/2" including seam allowances. Repeat to make six pieced rows total.


Assemble Quilt Top

1. Referring to Quilt Assembly Diagram, lay out pieced rows and floral 4-1/2x58-1/2" sashing strips and 5-1/4x58-1/2" border strips in 13 rows.

2. Sew together rows; press seams in one direction.

Finish Quilt

1. Layer quilt top, batting, and backing; baste. Quilt as desired.

2. Bind with solid turquoise binding strips.