Sew along with Linda Augsburg as she shows you how to make this cute baby quilt featuring snow ball blocks. Click here for instructions.


Hi I'm Linda Augsburg, Editorial Content Chief for American Patchwork and Quilting. And in this Show me How video brought to you by Baby Lock, I'm going to show you how to make this adorable baby quilt with a snowball block, which is a really easy block to make. To download the instructions go to Now let's get started. So this baby quilt was inspired by "So Many Snowballs" by Julie Hendricksen and to make a snow ball block, what you'll need for this baby quilt is 80-- 4-1/2 inch squares and then 320-- 1-1/2 inch squares, now you can see once I cut my 1-1/2 inch squares, I marked the diagonal. And I'm going to show you in a little bit how easy it is to make a snowball block using squares rather than triangles. In addition to these smaller pieces, you'll need your borders, and those are cut 4-1/2 inches by the width of the fabric and you'll need 4 strips of that, and you'll need 2-1/2 inch widths for binding and again I actually cut 5 because that quilt is almost going to use all of those binding strips if you only cut 4 so I cut an extra so I have a little wiggle room. Then you'll need your backing and batting and you're ready to go. So to get the scrappy look in this quilt, I choose 10 fabrics and cut 8 squares of the larger squares from each one, for the smaller squares I found 5 coordinating boutiques and then I mixed and matched the larger prints with the boutiques so I got a really scrappy look in the quilt. So to make the snowball quilt you're going to put those marked squares in the corners of the block and then you're going to sew on that pencil line that you marked. If you want to chain piece this, basically to do that you would sew all your squares one way on one side of the squares and then all on the other trim them apart and rotate and do the other two corners. So once you get all four pinned in place, you're just going to sew, making sure you're sewing right on that line. So once you've sewn on all four corners, you're going to trim this extra triangle off with a quarter inch seam allowance press this back and then if need be trim that square up again for 4-1/4, every once in a while those corners can get a little wonky. So you just want to make sure your squares are nice and square when you go to sew them together. Once you've got all 80 blocks done lay them out on a design wall, sew them together in 8 blocks across by 10 rows down and then add your borders. So that's all there is too it, now that you've added your borders you can quilt it and bind it and it's ready to give as a gift. Again for those instructions go to