For those who celebrate Christmas, the debate about when to decorate for the season is an old one. For some, it seems the decorations go up before the trick-or-treaters have even sorted their candy. For others, the tree and lights are set up in early December. Is there a benefit to getting decorations out early? According to recent scientific studies, they are some advantages, including these five, below.
christmas decorations

Walk Down Memory Lane

Holiday decorations are often connected to childhood nostalgia and spending time with loved ones. Psychoanalyst Steve McKeown says: "Decorations are simply an anchor or pathway to those old childhood magical emotions of excitement. So putting up those Christmas decorations early extends the excitement!" While the decorations can sometimes bring up sad feelings of loss, overall it allows us to relive the memories of more carefree days and the magic of the season.

Beat Winter Blues

As it gets colder and darker, your family is spending more time inside. So get out the Christmas quilts, top your tables with festive runners, and light the candles. Adding cozy accessories around the home invites people to curl up with a book, a favorite holiday movie, or simple sit and watch the snow fall. Quilts give a feeling a safety, while Christmas motifs and fabrics give the family something to look forward to!

Show Off Your Skills

You may be experiencing an influx of guests from November to January. Handmade Christmas decorations give you a talking point. A quilt that was passed down from Grandma, a wool ornament celebrating a milestone, or a festive wreath made of fabric scraps can connect family members of all ages as you share details of the projects. Bonus: Build the excitement of the season by hosting a sewing night! Adults and children will love gathering to make a simple ornament or garland to display in their own homes.

Have More Time for Fun

Decorating for the holidays is a lot of work and takes a lot of time. By decorating early, you ensure that your holiday season is full of only the fun things! You'll have more time to spend with family to make gingerbread houses, go ice skating, or watch favorite holiday movies. You may even be able to free up your weekends for a shopping trip with friends or a holiday party. By crossing decorating off your list early, you can move on to more important items -- like all those handmade gifts you decided you were going to make this year!

Make New Friends (and Keep the Old)

Christmas decorations act as an olive branch to neighbors, family, and friends. Evidence from the Journal of Environmental Psychology shows that  homes with decorations are deemed more friendly than those without. You'll even be more inclined to connect with people you haven't seen in awhile. With your house looking festive, you'll feel ready to host an out-of-town friend for the weekend or have your quilting buddies over for a gift swap. Maybe you'll even invite the new neighbor in for some hot chocolate after shoveling.