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Getting Creative in the Time of Quarantine

We asked seven people in the quilting industry to share their challenges to creating in this time of isolation. Their answers are honest, vulnerable, and relatable. Sewing during quarantine looks different for everyone, but we're all doing our best to cope and move forward with the help of our craft.

What to Know Before Sewing Masks for Hospitals

Everyone is playing an essential role right now – even those of us who are staying home sitting behind your sewing machines. Before you start sewing masks to donate, read this article for resources and things to consider.

Quilters Help in Wake of Australian Fires

We want to take some time to celebrate those in the quilting and sewing world who have been so generous in raising money for the wildfires in Australia. A large number of people have also been sewing and knitting to help comfort animals affected by the fires.

5 Reasons to Decorate for Christmas Earlier

There are two types of people in the world: those who like Christmas and those who LOVE Christmas. For the latter, the holiday season begins before the trick-or-treaters have even sorted their candy. But for others, lights and trees aren't set up until after Thanksgiving. Are these Christmas enthusiasts happier than the remainder of society, though? According to recent scientific studies, they are.

Call Etsy's First-Ever Holiday Hotline

Ran out of time to make another quilt for a gift this holiday season? Looking for the perfect handmade gift for family and friends? Etsy's got you covered!

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