Photo Credit: Yahoo! Sports

Story originally published by Yahoo! Sports.

Campbell Remess proved he has a caring heart because of the sweet reason he learned to sew: he simply wanted to make others happy.  The 12-year-old Australian boy taught himself how to sew at the age of nine, and now makes teddy bears for sick children in hospitals.

"I decided that I would make one present a day which is 365 a year and give them all away," Yahoo! Sports reported Remess wrote on Facebook. "I have done this for two Christmases now and love it."

Campbell comes from a family of nine kids, and a Dad who was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Campbell wanted to help those suffering from illness, especially children in the hospital. He asked his parents to buy gifts for the hospital, but with nine kids, money was tight. Campbell decided to make the gifts himself.

He looked up a pattern for a bear online and said it took him five hours to make his first one. Now (with lots of practice), he can make one bear in an hour. Campbell delivers the bears to local hospitals and visits with the sick children. He says: "Being kind and not mean will change the world a lot."

Campbell has made more than 450 stuffed animals this year alone, and started an organization named Project 365 by Campbell. His website takes donations so he can afford the fabric and materials to continue making teddy bears.

We don't know about you, but we think it's safe to say the world could use more people like Campbell Remess!