Photo credit: Kenny Green

Story originally published by Mesquite News 

A passion for sewing and quilting has built a bridge between the First United Methodist Church in Mesquite, Texas, and their local police department. The Heavenly Hands Quilting Group wanted to show the police force support after they heard news that a Mesquite resident killed five police officers and wounded several more in the Dallas shooting incident in July.

After many brainstorming meetings, the quilting group designed a tree with leaves made out of fabric hearts, which they then had members of their church sign before they completed the project. In addition to the colorful heart-shaped leaves, the tree also had ribbons that represented prayers said in honor of the police department. "We wanted to show our support for the officers in our city because we know all police officers work so hard without acknowledgement," said Leigha Buchtel, FUMC quilt group member. "We want them to know how much we appreciate and love them."

The officers that were able to attend a presentation were grateful for the club's generosity and prayers. "How great is it to have people praying for you and supporting you in the community," MPD Cpt. Bill Artesi said to Mesquite News. ""You couldn't ask for anything more. It makes it all worthwhile."