Photo credit: Justin Wan, Sioux City Journal

Story originally published by the Sioux City Journal

One Sioux City, Iowa, woman found a way to use her love of fashion for a greater good. Fashion entrepreneur Joi Mahon created Sewing for Superheroes with hopes of bringing a smile to kids who are in and out of the hospital battling illnesses.

The charity event was part of the Sewing Holiday, a three-day event where Joi hosts sewing-related classes in areas such as embroidery, quilting, embellishments and fiber art. During the thread-filled holiday that had over 150 sewing machines at work, four machines were dedicated solely to making superhero capes for the kids.

Joi had originally planned to make pillowcases out of the 400 yards of fabric that were donated by textile manufacturer Springs Creative, but changed her mind when the director of Children's Miracle Network, Anne Holmes, requested something that would better fit the organization's 2016 theme of "Year of the Superhero."

"We're looking at all the different ways people can be superheroes because we think our kids show a lot of superhero bravery," said Holmes to the Sioux City Journal. "We think our doctors and nurses make heroic efforts every day and we think our donors do the heavy lifting by providing their muscle and their money to help us help make some miracles."

The capes were donated to kids at UnityPoint Health – St. Luke's Children's Miracle Network in Sioux City, Iowa.

Photo credit: Justin Wan, Sioux City Journal