Photo credit: FOX San Antonio

Story originally published by FOX San Antonio.

Infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Children's Hospital of San Antonio, Texas, are receiving more then their typical care this year. Quilts of Love, an organization that donates strictly to the children's hospital, sews blankets with an array of patterns for the patients in the unit.

"It's time, effort, and love that we put into each and every quilt," Cristie Wolf, a member of the sewing group, told FOX San Antonio.

Cristie's son received a quilt when he was hospitalized five years ago. After seeing the comfort it brought him, Wolf decided to start Quilts of Love to "pay it forward." Now fully equipped with a team of volunteers, Quilts of Love sews holiday themes, special characters, and other unique designs with fabric purchased with money from their own pockets.

Because of her dedication to the organization, Cristie was recognized through FOX San Antonio's CASH FOR KINDNESS program, a program that rewards selfless acts of kindness. Cristie was awarded $400 for her efforts.

Quilts of Love has set a goal to donate 1,000 blankets to the children's hospital by the end of the year.