Doug Leko, Katie Blakesley, and Annabel Wrigley chat with host Pat Sloan on the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast.

Guest: Doug Leko of Antler Quilt Designs

Topics: fabric selection

He says: "What draws me to color more is if you have a border piece or a main fabric or a large floral or something -- one of those that strikes your fancy --and you just love how it looks. Then you can just go off and you can pull a hundred colors. When I pick a quilt for a customer, I love to have them find a border print or find a feature fabric that they love to use, and then I cover the whole entire cutting table full of 50 to 60 different bolts, and then we dwindle it down to what we really need. That way, we can pick all the right hues and all the right values."


Guest: Katie Blakesley of Swim Bike Quilt

Topics: donating quilts, quilting books

She says: "There are so many quilters who make such beautiful things, and I really do think that quilts can be a source of comfort, they can be a source of beauty. I thought, I could maybe do something about this. And so I talked with some friends and started this quilt drive. The thing that's unique about this quilt drive is that I suggest that people donate the quilts in their own community. It's an online-based quilt drive. The idea is to make a quilt and donate it in your own community."


Guest: Annabel Wrigley of Little Pincushion Studio

Topics: sewing with kids

She says: "What I generally do is I cut a piece of that fabric, and then I roll lines onto it, line after line after line. I start them off sewing on that with a fun colored thread. And the goal is for them to keep sewing until they have that control. At first they're going crazy, and then they really get focused on that line, and that line becomes the goal."