Kelli Fannin, John Kubiniec, and Alison Glass chat with host Pat Sloan on the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast.

Guest: Kelli Fannin

Topics: designing quilts

She says: "I usually graph my quilts out on graph paper, and then there is a lot of changing around to get the proportions right. But that is kind of the fun for me. The puzzle and the math and getting it all to look right in the end."


Guest: John Kubiniec

Topics: quilt piecing tips

He says: "I can't sew curves like a Drunkard's Path without pins, because it just doesn't come out right and I end up ripping it...I like using really a fine-shaft pin, because it doesn't really distort the fabric. There are some that Clover puts out that are nice little glass-head pins that work, or even the flower-head pins."


Guest: Alison Glass

Topics: designing fabric

She says: "No matter what fabric line it is, it always stems from a usability standpoint. Would these colors be colors that I want to be surrounded by, first of all? Then if I am surrounding myself with those colors, is it for a garmet or is it for a quilt, or it for pillows or curtains? Whatever the end use is, I want to be sure the color fits with the use and with what the designs are. If it's a regular print quilt group, I want to make sure that people have a range of colors that look good together, and then also look good in whatever the use is for the project."