Tammy Tutterow, Amanda Niederhauser, and Russell Conte chat with host Pat Sloan on the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast.

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Guest: Tammy Tutterow

Topics: working with wool

She says: "A lot of wool applique is very primitive and dark colored, and I'm really into pastels and brighter colors. I love things very dimensional. A lot of times I use Heat N Bond on the back of my wool. Even if I don't plan to fuse it flat, I like it because it adds structure to it, so maybe I'll only sew it in the middle or add just a few detail stitches, but the more dimensional I can make things, the better."


Guest: Amanda Niederhauser

Topics: quilting inspiration

She says: "Fabric just speaks to my heart, and that what I get inspired from. I used to be the kind who would buy every new fabric line that came out with all the good intentions of turning it into a quilt, but then I realized that that's just not going to happen. We can't make 40 new quilts every six months. Now I'm pretty good about knowing what I love and what I can do. So if I love it that much to buy it, I will make a quilt with it."


Guest: Russell Conte

Topics: quilting inspiration

He says: "I love the results, but I'm also a process-driven person. And if it's not right the first time, we'll try it again...The one thing I love about sewing is that at the end of the day (even as expert as you may become), you'll never be truly an expert. There is always something else to learn, and there's some other avenue to explore."