Linda Luggen, Donna DeSoto, Sam Hunter, and Joanna Figueroa chat with host Pat Sloan on the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast.

Guest: Linda Luggen

Topics: binding tips

She says: "If people are using a printed fabric (and this is true for the borders or in the binding), the binding should be cut more according to the pattern, not quite just right on the grain line, but according to the pattern, because you get the illusion of inaccuracy if that design is there at the top but goes off as the binding goes down the side of the quilt."


Guest: Donna DeSoto

Topics: Inspired by the Beatles: An Art Quilt Challenge

She says: "I wanted information on if people had any memories of The Beatles. And I also was curious of how their art was affected by music."


Guest: Sam Hunter of Hunter's Design Studio

Topics: quilt piecing tips

She says: "I find paper piecing is much more effective if you're not packing corners out of your fabric stash, but looking at the sizes you need. You cut those strip sizes and then cut the bits out of those strip sizes. I always, always precut my paper piecing and I do it with enough generosity that the paper piecing isn't fussy."


Guest: Joanna Figueroa of Fig Tree and Co.

Topics: quilt piecing tips

She says: "I started off when I was first quilting using flip-and-sew, because I was taught in some of my classes that it helps in accuracy. So if you have a rectangular piece in the back and you sew a square on top of it at a diagonal and then flip out that piece, instead of having sewn let's say that Flying Geese piece or something from triangles, then you have a ability to be so much more accurate. I always tell my students that you're usually more accurate when you cut than when you sew."