Listen to host Pat Sloan chat with guests Amy Ellis, Martha Nordstrand, and Jennifer Paganelli the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast.

Guest: Amy Ellis of Amy's Creative Side

Topics: quilting inspiration

She says: "There's always someone new to meet. People have told me after the fact, "I've started my blog so I could participate," and they're excited to be able to participate finally instead of just reading about them all."


Guest: Martha Nordstrand of More Quilts Please

Topics: applique tips

She says: "I turn the applique edges with a tiny screwdriver. They're wonderful for turning edges. I use the flat edge for straight edges, and the little Phillips makes beautiful curves. And I use glue sticks."


Guest: Jennifer Paganelli of Sis Boom

Topics: designing quilts

She says: "Color was just so comforting. A lot of people say to me, 'Your stuff is so happy'. I can't believe it elicits an emotion, but it does. Color elicits emotion."