Listen to host Pat Sloan chat with guests Lindsay Wilkes, Marsha McCloskey, and Leah Day on the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast.

Guest: Lindsay Wilkes of The Cottage Mama

Topics: quilting tools

She says: "Washaway Wonder Tape is a see-through, double-sided, sticky tape, and you can sew through it, and it won't gum up your needle. So I use it whenever I'm inserting piping in a garment orwhenever I am layering trim. Maybe I'm going to do a rickrack underneath a woven ribbon and add that to a garment, I'll use the tape to hold it in place. I fell like it's more accurate. Pins can kind of make things wonky. It's also great if you are serging, and maybe you have a pattern that you want to make sure that it lines up, such as stripes."


Guest: Marsha McCloskey

Topics: quilting tools

She says: "The bias strip piecing is wonderfully accurate for two triangle squares. Essentially, you sew the seam first and then you cut your shape. You sew the seam in the middle before you cut your square. I wanted a process that would be just as accurate for four triangle squares -- the hourglass unit -- so I came up with a ruler that measures from the center of the square, rather than the side."


Guest: Leah Day

Topics: quilting inspiration

She says: "I love it when people get into blogging, because I think there's just so much creativity out there. Especially encouraging women to share their stories and put themselves out there and to value what they're doing, more than anything else. I think that's so powerful."