Ellen Osten, Megan Pitz, Cathy Wiggins, and Mary Abreu chat with host Pat Sloan on the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast.

Guest: Ellen Osten from Sulky

Topics: machine quilting tips

She says: "My favorite thread are the Blendables, which are 100% cotton and it's available in both the 30 wt. and the 12 wt. And it's dyed so that every 2-1/2"-5" you get an unpredictable repeat. The Blendables are just phenomenal, because they will blend with whatever type of fabric or print you're working with."


Guest: Megan Pitz

Topics: mini quilts

She says: "Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love throw quilts, but I douns myself wanting to work on smaller projects because I like a quick, instant finish and satisfaction. So I started sewing mini quilts...Mini quilts are awesome because you can try, not only a new sewing technique, but it's a small project if you want to test out a new quilting design before you do it on a big project."


Guest: Cathy Wiggins

Topics: sewing with leather

She says: "They key is to make sure you have the right leather. If you have the right leather then you can actually sew on that leather with any sewing machine you have as long as you have a leather needle. And what you want to look for when you buy leather (you can get garment-grade leather or upholstery-grade leather), but you want to get something that is sold by the ounce and you want to get 3 ounces or less."


Guest: Mary Abreu

Topics: quilt classes

She says: "One of the great things about taking a class is you get immediate feedback about what you are doing. If you have been sewing for awhile, or even if you are new, a lot of it is very solitary. And when you're doing something and it's not quite working out right, you have to hunt down why you're not getting the results you want. When you take a class, you have an expert there who can look at it and say how you can fix it."