Shelly Morgan, Patty Dudek, and Kathy Skomp chat with host Pat Sloan on the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast.

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Guest: Shelly Morgan

Topics: working with plush

She says: "When working with plush fabrics, I really like to use the Washaway Wonder Tape. It's a really good way to baste it. You can pin it, and you'll be pinning forever and it will still move a little bit. So I really like to use that tape. Whatever the project you're using with plush, I like to have the plush be a larger size than what the other piece of fabric is, because that will allow it to do its moving a little bit without one side becoming short."


Guest: Patty Dudek

Topics: quilting community

She says: "When I started my blog I wanted to do quilt alongs and tutorials and things like that, but I also wanted to do a regular link-up. And that's what "One Monthly Goal" is. And I have so much fun with this and I think other people do, as well. The idea is that you set a goal for a month, and as long as the goal has to do with fabric, thread, or yarn, we're good. And then you post about it on your blog or your Instagram feed, and you come to my blog and you link up. When you link up, all these other people come visit you and they cheer you on."


Guest: Kathy Skomp

Topics: designing quilts

She says: "When I'm designing, I look at fabric for sure. I look at fabric and think, 'What does this lend itself to.' I'm one of these people that has a vault of ideas always going on. I keep a folder of ideas. So when I get some of these fabrics, I go to my vault of ideas. But I'm also out there always looking at floors and ceilings and things in nature. I think, 'how would that look on a quilt?'"