Linda Lum DeBono, Nancy Mahoney, and Karen Kay Buckley chat with host Pat Sloan on the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast.

Guest: Linda Lum DeBono

Topics: fabric selection

She says: "Let's say you have a few medium range fabrics. How do you add some spark to that? How do you add something extra? You go and pick a fabric that has a larger scale as a focal print. It might incorporate some of the colors you already have. Or you can have something that has a few little stripes in the print and that can tie in with an existing stripe. There's textures you can use. You can tie it together with colors. There's a lot of little things that you can take into consideration, and then you go by your gut."


Guest: Nancy Mahoney

Topics: sewing machine tips

She says: "One of the features I have appreciated more than anything with the newer machines is having that needle-down position, and being able to put your needle in the needle-down position at the press of a button. It took me three machines until I had that feature, and it's one that I would never do without again."


Guest: Karen Kay Buckley

Topics: designing quilts

She says: "Part of what I'm trying to do personally is not get in a rut. I tell people you have to get out of the box sometimes. And the landscape quilts are out of my box. They are not something that I find extremely easy. I like the challenge of it, though. I need to push myself sometimes."