Kate Colleran, Shelly Pagliai, and Jen Kingwell chat with host Pat Sloan on the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast.

Guest: Kate Colleran of Seams Like a Dream

Topics: precut fabrics

She says: "So let's say I have six fat quarters. I look at what's going on with them. What's the overall color scheme? And then I think the really big and important thing to do is I think sometimes we get held up because we don't give ourselves permisson to put one of them aside. So I've got that stack of six fat quarters. Five of them are medium-light to dark and one is really, really light. And I think, 'Oh, I can't use this stack because the light won't work.' Well, put it aside. You don't have to use that one. Save it for another project."


Guest: Shelly Pagliai of Prairie Moon Quilts

Topics: quilting inspiration

She says: "I wanted to use colors that were popular during the 1950s and she [her mother] mentions a lot of color in the diary, mainly as what kind of clothes she wore. I wanted to pick colors and fabrics true to that time period that quilters of that time might have had in their scrap bag from the late '40s to the early '50s."


Guest: Jen Kingwell

Topics: fabric selection

She says: "[I apporach choosing fabrics for a project] very messily! I sit in my little sewing studio and I have piles of fabric around me. I pull from my stash. I have a lot of fabric in my stash, but a lot of small cuts. So I don't have a lot of metres (yards), which a lot of people do. I just grab things out, and even though I'm a scrap quilter I do audition fabric as I go to make sure that they work. I don't just pick up anything and think that will do. There is sort of a contained approach to it, I guess. I just love lots and lots and lots of fabrics."