Kirstyn Cogan, Sherri Hisey, Amber Johnson, and Violet Craft chat with host Pat Sloan on the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast.

Guest:  Kirstyn Cogan

Topics: quilting inspiration

She says: "I'm kind of a concept geek. I guess that's the way to start. And I think that when you have a general idea of something, of the project you want to do, I like to tell people to start collecting imagery from magazines, whatever it is. Let's say you want to illustrate a picture of a poppy. Start collecting images of poppies, but also collect images of interior spaces, or color that's beautiful, texture. All of these things start to play off."


Guest: Sherri Hisey of Border Creek Station

Topics: quilt piecing tips

She says: "When I first started quilting way back when, it was common to buy a length of fabric, cut it into four 10"-wide strips of fabric and sew it on your quilt and you're done. And it's boring. So I like piecing. So the very first pieced border that I did, it just didn't feel like a border. And when I put it on the quilt, I thought, 'Wow'. It just did something so much more to the quilt than that 10"-wide swatch of fabric."


Guest: Amber Johnson of Gigi's Thimble Quilt Patterns

Topics: machine quilting tips

She says: "I took a photo of a hand-quilted quit that I saw on Pinterest [to my long arm quilter] and said 'can you do this on that quilt?'. And she took the pattern and digitized it and tweaked it a little bit. But it was great, because it kept that antique look."


Guest: Violet Craft

Topics: designing fabric

She says: "My collections are always based on real things that are happening in my life. And my collections generally have a story that goes along with them. The story of Peacock Lane was about these elephants on parade..and it's all things that are in my surroundings. So, for instance, currently in stores is Brambleberry Ridge. And Brambleberry Ridge is all based on this 1950's mid-century home that we've been living in for the last two years."