Listen to host Pat Sloan chat with guests Kristin Roylance, Amanda Carestio, and Kelly Lee-Creel on the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast.

Guest: Kristin Roylance of Cute Quilt Patterns

Topics: baby quilts

She says: "They love to play with the textures and the ruffles and anything they can grab onto. They like to explore the different dimensional objects."


Guest: Amanda Carestio of Lark Crafts

Topics: Never Been Stitched, no-sew crafts

She says: "There's something really lovely about extending the life of a piece of fabric, but there's a practical aspect to it, as well, when you're thinking about projects that are low-sew and no-sew. There are a lot of projects in the book that call for fabric that already has finished edges. There's a set of pillows in the book that uses a set of place mats, and you undo a little bit of the seam, stuff the interior of the placemat and create really fun pillows really quickly."


Guest: Kelly Lee-Creel of Ever Kelly

Topics: applique tips, party crafts

She says: "It's really all about cutting out that perfect shape. If you do a good job preparing your fabric, then you get a better result. For me, it's about freezer paper. Freezer paper is like wax paper, where the waxy part is only on one side. If you trace your pattern onto the freezer paper and then fuse it onto the felt using a low setting (you don't want to melt the felt), you get a really crisp shape when you cut it out. It's almost like magic. It's hard to have your project not turn out when you start out with that really good shape."